The annual pension benefit payable to you from the Plan at your Normal Retirement Date will be calculated as follows:

(a) $66 multiplied by your years of Credited Service(to a maximum of 25 years); plus

(b) 1.65% of your annual plan compensation in excess of $7,800.00 multiplied by your years of Credited Service (to a maximum of 25 years).

For the purposes of the above calculation, annual plan compensation will be based on the three consecutive calendar years during which your compensation (as defined in the plan) from the Company is the highest.
Yr(s) of Service
Annual Payable
Max.25 Yr(s)
Pension Benefits Taxable
Approximate Net
Monthly Payable
Avg. best three consecutive yrs minus $7,800   Monthly Payable   Pension Benefits NET  
Pension Benefits Taxable
This is an approximation.. For accurate counts please contact Brink's Human Resources